AI newsletters you should subscribe to stay up to date with Artificial Intelligence news

While things evolve and change so fast in the Artificial Intelligence World its already hard to keep track of everything that is happening. It means it’s time for some curated news in the old never dying Newsletter format.

Here is a list of AI Newsletters you should subscribe

A.I. Supremacy

AI Supremacy newsletter is written by Michael Spencer and is about News at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, technology and business including Op-Eds, paper summaries and A.I. startups.

Example newsletters from AI Supremacy

  • Google Issues “Code Red” Over ChatGPT
  • Top Trends in A.I. in 2023
  • What is ChatGPT Professional?

Ben’s Bites

Ben Tossell writes Ben’s Bites – Your daily dose of what’s going on in AI. In 5 minutes or less, with a touch of humor. Read by over 10,000 others from Google, a16z, Sequoia, Amazon, Meta and more.

Example newsletters from Ben’s Bites

  • The real winner in AI
  • ChatGPT upgrades, Spotify playlists, and AI checklists
  • AI replacing programming

Last Week in AI

Last Week in AI is a newsletter dedicated to Weekly summaries of AI news, plus occasional articles, interviews, and more. It’s written by the Skynet Today team: Andrey Kurenkov, Jacky Liang, Daniel Bashir and Julia Gong.

Example newsletters from Last Week in AI

  • Generative models for protein discovery and voice imitation
  • How GPT learns to reason
  • Meta takes down language model demo after 3 days

AI News Weekly

Written by the Team that deals with Model Management & Operations for high-velocity Data Science and Machine Learning teams, AI News Weekly is a weekly collection of AI News and resources on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Example newsletters from AI News Weekly

  • Implants could read and manipulate people’s brains by influencing their behaviour, memories, thoughts and feelings
  • Towards Robot-Assisted Therapy for Children With Autism
  • 5 experts’ view on the impact of Chat-GPT and DALL-E on the Future of Work


TheSequence is the best source to stay up-to-date with the developments in the machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science world. Trusted by 144,485 professionals from the main AI labs, universities, and enterprises. It is written by Jesus Rodriguez Ksenia Se.

Example newsletters from TheSequence

  • The Most Exciting Alliance in AI
  • NVIDIA Latest Push in Generative AI the Metaverse
  • OpenAI Gets Into the Text-to-3D Game with Point-E


Adepto covers the latest AI startups, news, developments, and products. Readers follow us to learn how they can use AI to boost their productivity and accelerate their careers. Adepto is written by Phil Hie and Jakob Klocker.

Example newsletters from Adepto

  • The Humane AI Pin Launched
  • Hidden AI Startups You Didn’t Know
  • Nvidia Develops AI Chips For China

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