Free online AI Courses that you can take right now for the non technical people

Understanding AI is not easy even if you are into software. We are so used to the idea that you need to write some code then it will do exactly what we programmed it to do, that software having a mind of its own its hard to grasp.

If you are over 45, we’ve been there before. We learned HTML, then Dreamweaver came along and promised all web developers will disappear. We learned ASP and switched to PHP. We learned blogging because it said it will make everything else disappear, then Facebook came along. We learned JS and jQuery, then we switched to React.

Now it time to learn some AI.

AI in Practice: Applying AI is a course developed by Delft University of Technology and the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence Academy. It’s not a technical course because it is designed for managers or data analysts or business consultants who want to apply AI in businesses. The course comes with case studies from public organizations, top Dutch universities and private companies in the financial, retail, publishing, and healthcare sectors. It’s available for free on the Edx platform.

Deep Learning for Business comes from Yonsei University in South Korea and can be taken for free on Coursera. The course talks about using Deep Learning and Machine Learning in your business, including open source software. Then it talks about NN (Neural Network), CNN (Convolutional NN), and RNN (Recurrent NN) systems. The last part focuses on TensorFlow Playground projects.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing course is developed by University of Virginia and talks about data-driven AI to improve your marketing activities. The course comes with case studies from Ford, Netflix, and the Washington Post that use Algorithms, Networks, and Data to gain a deeper understanding and competitive advantages in the marketing field. The course can be taken for free with the Coursera Audit plan.

AI for Everyone: Master the Basics offered by IBM and available for free on Edx is a beginner course that talks about What is AI? Applications and Examples of AI, AI Concepts, Terminology, Issues, Concerns and Ethical Considerations when using AI.

AI For Everyone is mostly a non-technical course that tries to explain how to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company and what AI realistically can–and cannot–do. You can access it for free using Coursera audit.

AI Fundamentals is a Microsoft oriented course that teaches you about Azure Machine Learning service and Azure Cognitive Services that offer specialized AI services for Computer Vision, Prediction / Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Natural Language Processing, and Conversational AI. It’s available for free on udacity.com

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